AIS in the Mississippi River Basin

Please visit the USGS interactive basin map to see where AIS have been reported.

Please report AIS to the USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database (NAS).

MRBP Funded Projects

List of MRBP Funded Research Projects 2009-Present

Bait Pathway

An Analysis of the Recreational Angler Vector and Associated Pathways to aid in the Prevention of Invasive Species Introductions in Mid-Atlantic Waterways (2017)

Regulating Invasive Species in Aquaculture: Common State Approaches and Best Management Practice (2018)

Live Aquatic Bait Pathway Analysis: State of the live bait industry and its laws, regulations and policies in the Mississippi River Basin (2019)

Live aquatic bait pathway analysis for the Mississippi River Basin (2019)

Analysis of State Legal Requirements for Aquatic Invasive Species Biosecurity at Fish Hatcheries (2019)

Model Bait Regulation for Limiting Invasive Species (2021)

Model Regulation to Control the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species via Bait (2021)

Model Bait Regulation FAQs (2021)

Patterns of Live Baitfish Use and Release among Recreational Anglers in a Regulated Landscape (2022)

Release of live baitfish by recreational anglers drives fish pathogen introduction risk (2023)

Control and Management

Recommendation of the Mississippi River Basin Panel on ANS Regarding the Need for Dispersal Barriers to Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (2005)

Recommended Guidelines for Developing Commercial Harvest Policy for Aquatic Invasive Species (2016)

The Silver and Bighead Carp Field Sampling Workshop: The MRBP-funded recordings of the silver and bighead carp field sampling workshop that was a part of the 2019 MRBP coordination meeting at Lake Barkley State Park in Kentucky are now available! Wisconsin Sea Grant has promoted these recordings with a short release about the video. There have also been some publications that have been released since the workshop: USFWS Columbia Paupier & Dozer Trawl; Hammen_et_al-2019; Ridgway-et-al.-2020

Rapid Response

MRBP Model Rapid Response Plan

MRBP Model Risk Assessment and Management Process

MRBP Rapid Response Protocols for Aquatic Invasive Fish

A National Early Detection Rapid Response for Invasive Plants

Hydrilla verticallata Early Detection Rapid Response Plan