Prevention and Control Committee

The goal of the Prevention and Control Committee (PCC) is to coordinate and collaborate on AIS prevention and control priorities within the Mississippi River Basin.

Committee Charge:

This committee is charged with assessing and developing effective strategies and tools for preventing the introduction and spread of AIS as well as to control and manage existing populations within the Mississippi River Basin. This committee is mainly targeted at resource managers but relies upon the expertise of a wide range of interests, including private interests, to ensure that prevention and control strategies are acceptable and feasible.

For more information on this committee, please see the Original Committee Charge.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Prioritize AIS introduced within the Basin for prevention, containment, and control.
  • Facilitate development and implementation of rapid response plans for invasions.
  • Identify integrated pest management for priority AIS within the Basin.
  • Facilitate early detection and monitoring for AIS within the Basin.
  • Provide information and recommendations to ANS Task Force and MRBP Members.
  • Support actions to prevent new introductions of AIS in the MRBP.
  • Recommend improvements to state and federal AIS regulations.
  • Identify important pathways and prevention measures for AIS.

Recent Accomplishments:

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